Choosing your right candidate with a X

As announced a few days back, there will be elections in the region of Quartier Militaire/Moka (No 8 ) in exactly 1 month.

The fact that you choose the candidate with a X mark has always been amazing!

How can you expect something from the elected one, when you crossed him out in the voting sheet?

Yashvin, pages of my life

Anyway, below a small joke since I remember a few years ago, a bad loser had thrown a bottle at the new Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam, when the latter was declared winner in No 5, Pamplemousses/Triolet.


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  1. I have never been able to vote in Mauritius. 😦 I was always away when there were elections. Darn it! Now, I cannot vote either because the elections are restricted to one specific area.

    If I had to vote, I would have ticked (although it is a cross :P) non of the above for I do not know what they stand for. If elected, what will they be do to change the lives of citizens? Show me your programme. Debate on National TV. Stop being an ass with crappy blame games. And more importantly, do you know what POWNCE was or what Twitter is? 😛 What about legalising marijuana, prostitution, pornography, among other so-called taboo ‘issues?’

    So, if you are about to vote, ask yourself the reasons behind which you are about to draw that cross. If you find no valid reason, do not vote. Go have a beer with some enlightened friends.


  2. Hey, tire shoes la mari la peine sa!! dan airport sak fois bizin fer la… tire shoes et scan en plis! si sa zour la tone alle mette chaussette troué, pfff! :$


  3. What about legalising marijuana, prostitution, pornography, among other so-called taboo ‘issues?

    Indeed, instead of trying to find solutions that are sooo blatantly obvious to solve all the problems related, they just tend to hide these behind the curtains, so as not to “appear bad”, because to take such actions would mean you have to look ‘dirty’ towards some part of the population which still do not think logically, but instead think that what is NOT legal NOW is necessarily BAD.. because… because “well because its just like that” <— typical reaction of somebody who taboos something without any reasoning!

    What shah said about not voting is something nice if people OVERALL could do it, it would be the people’s way of saying “we are fed up of getting ourselves screwed each time by morons who gets in power”.

    ps. Voting is your right, you can even go to the voting booth, and write shit on your paper, waste your vote, that’s your right :p.

    as far as the cross issue :p nice note! very very illogical indeed.



  4. Yashvin – Actually I dont know why but I could see this one coming once the elections were declared. Dont you worry, usually people but a Cross (X) to vote but you can do such with a (Tick) also. Your vote would still be valid. The important thing is for you to show what you are voting. You could even paint the box fully. It still shows for whom you are voting. Now if instead of voting for 1 or 3 candidates, depending on election partielle as this time or the general elections you vote for all of them 😉 whether a tick of a cross, your vote voids


  5. The best result in that election would have been the election on an independent candidate born and brought out dans circonscription No 8. Sa ti ava refroidir l’arder sa 2 Juggernotes la ek ferme zot labous (ki nek koze pou pa dir nanye)


  6. I do not have the right to vote in Mauritius… yet… Not sure if I want to after seeing the way the candidates rant and rave on the TV screen. I sometimes wonder if they are in a school recreation yard??? As Shah says they are mostly interested in calling each other names rather than giving the public a serious political/economic programme. Also the way they show themselves to the public and their method of shouting nonsense at the crowds leaves me perplexed. Most of them need to get courses in Europe on communicating and presentation. Forget the coloured shirts and flags, that should be for the unions. It is rare to hear someone talking sense about the future of the country. Some also like to receive awards in the public eye apart from blowing up their ego it does nothing for the advancement of the country. No need to mention corruption cases there are international organisations keeping a tally of that. Conclusion, forget the X, I will opt for that beer instead.


  7. Wasn’t that election the result of TWO Courts of Law (Supreme Court and Privy Council) disqualifying Ashock Jugnauth as winner of the previous election due to corruption allegations and bribery? Still he’s back on the candidates list. You can bet that he’ll still get a huge amount of votes SOMEHOW

    “Mauritians” do not consider corruption as a crime (period)… Shame shame….



  8. A person who has been judged guilty of corruption standing for re-election… that’s the state of Mauritian politics!

    About the X, AFAIK they won’t accept if you write anything other than an X. 😛


  9. They do. I saw that in the last elections when the results were being computed. I got to vote 3. Instead of 3 X I write 3 ticks. I’ve clearly showed whom I am voting. Period.


    1. @Bhooks: I asked my mum (li ti habitier work pu elections).

      Nothing except a X is accepted in elections.
      Even if u put 3 ticks, it will not be a valid sheet, thats how they did in the last elections.

      @Carrot : ya, u are right


  10. @ Yashvin

    “As announced a few days back, there will be elections” ..

    it is a by election not an election.

    A by election is done when a seat in parliament is vacant.

    “The fact that you choose the candidate with a X mark has always been amazing!”

    This can be traced back to the 18th century , at a certain point of history the Mauritian population was allowed to votes . The condition to vote was that all you should be able to pass a simple literacy test in one of the following languages : English , french , or any oriental language.

    To put the mark X association with a the key of a party was the most simple way for candidates to ensure that voters are voting correctly.


  11. For all those who are maintaining the cross and others who are calling the Electoral Commissioner’s Office. Show me in the Constitution where has it been written that one need to appose his vote with an “X”.


  12. About the cross ‘X’ confusion: i have personally served as party agent in the 2005 election in constituency No2 of Port-Louis. On the day of vote-counting, i was present in one of the several classes in the college where votes were being counted (each political party is allowed 2 representatives per class – one to verify the voting sheet and the other to count the number of votes obtained). When the counting is being carried out by the electoral commission officers, all sheets that thought to be ‘controversial’ are cast aside either by the officer himself or any party agent present who wants to challenge the vote. These votes are then personally verified by the Returning Officer along with candidates who make regular rounds in the different classes of the college to keep track of the smooth running the counting process.
    Hence, those sheets that are blank, ticked, or where any other form of identification are scribled upon are carefully examined by the Returnin Officer and i remember correctly that he duly stated that ‘the intention of the voter should be clear’. So it doesn’t matter whether the voter ticks, crosses or does anything else as long he clearly indicates who he wishes to vote for.
    I have personally witnessed many old tantines, kalas and dadis being told to cross directly on the symbol of the party (not on the blank square next to it) as they do not know how to read and write. And coincidentally, i have seen some sheet where people have crossed directly on the symbol during the counting session!

    To Yashvin: I’m sure the Electoral Office recommends only the marking of an ‘X’ as the correct way to cast a vote; it avoids creating havoc and confusion among the electorate. However, in practice, only the intention of the voter should be clear.


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