Review speed limit in Mauritius?

To be more precise, the title should be,

Is it time to review the speed limit for certain roads of Mauritius?

But as you have probably noticed, the title of the url would be LONG… lol..

Sorry if you landed here trying to look for another topic similar to the title…

A growing number of new/reconditioned vehicles is using our roads daily, hence more stable, reliable and performing. 90Km/hr on our motorways, with 60Km/hr in certain areas around motorways and an average of 50 Km/Hr in villages…

[Update] Speed limit on motorways are now 110km/hr in some regions

Its still acceptable, without talking about the increasing number of speed breakers (humps) put here and there, just some days after an accident! However, some of our roads are still limited to speeds that have been set up years ago!

For instance, the following road which is used by a huge percentage of people going towards Port Louis from the northern villages including Arsenal, Triolet, Pointe Aux Piments, Trou Aux Biches, Plaine des Papayes, Morcellement St André, Pamplemousses and so on… + those coming from the opposite direction!

[UPDATE] : The road we are talking about has now an updated speed limit. The 30Km/hr sign was replaced by a 60km/hr one a few months after this blog post. Were we heard? 😛

Original Google Maps Link

As you can see(lol, try to guess or use the google link), no houses or even no schools in that area! So? I believe the average speed which most drivers drive on this particular road would be around 50KM/hr!

So, what will happen if our police officers decide to carry out speed checks on this road? lol…

Isn’t there any authority that ensures the proper infrastructure of our roads? And what about the Road Authority or the Police’s Traffic Branch or even the respective District Council/Village Council?

Should not one of them be responsible of that task?

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15 thoughts on “Review speed limit in Mauritius?

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  1. Haha..We are in Mauritius..
    You will find amazing speed limits at really funny places.
    Example you will find a 30 limit speed where the road is straight and there is no school and only a few houses.
    Autoroute is even 60km/h speed limit at certain places.
    The one which sounds more stupid is from Port Louis towards the North..^_^..a long distance its 60km/h..reason..I have no idea why..

    and offtopic..we still see some retards who love to cross the road on motorway..

    Tushals last blog post : Top Love songs.


  2. Are you joking?!!! *Gasp*
    I want new signs displaying higher values ONLY IF ALL DRIVERS ARE EVALUATED EVERY YEAR!!!
    Many don’t know about the signs @ all, don’t flicker side lights when swearving, tailing others closely, beep when one is abiding to the speed limit, etc.
    So, NO! Plus, straight road or not, there are other factors like the angle of elevation and the wideness of the road, for example.


  3. @Bhooks: lol, good idea… Still, you will have accidents koz driving slowly is even more difficult for some drivers, not everyone knows how to apply brakes!
    They only know how to accelerate haha!

    @Shah: Totally agree with you, there are still loads of ppl who forget that they are on the roads, but however, in this case, the fact that this road is still 30KM/Hr shows that somewhere someone forgot to do his job well…
    Evaluation of all drivers every year? 😛
    Good idea, but loads of them will keep failing every time, just like my dear neighbor lol!
    btw. not just my driver, but even those police officers who park their motovehicles on double yellow lines!
    There is nothing like angle or wideness here, everything is fine…


  4. Yeah, we definitely need to bump the speed limits on some of these roads…
    We do need some roads that allow the following cars to drive at their top speeds:
    – Aston Martin DB9 – 306 Km/h
    – Nissan GT-R R35 – 314Km/h
    – Ferrari 612 Scaglietti – 315 Km/h
    – Ferrari F430 – 317Km/h

    & I think we should replace all speed bumps… they are only useful in breaking down your suspension.


  5. Race me every Saturday evening – Curepipe->LaVigie -> L’escalier->Rose-Belle.

    *Activating Attack Mode* *Turbo Boost* – ref. Knight Rider (new series)


  6. mo ti passe sa chemin la hier!!
    vrai mem ti ecrire 30 ek paneau la in rouiller!

    mai franchement kan to guetter kantiter accident arriver (comme hier a st Jean) to pose toi kestion si donne ban jeune permis tro jeune!

    mai bref c vrai ki chemin la droit ek ena canne ek arbres. enfin mayb pu to pa fer du vent si to roule tro vite a coz sa line reste 30 km/hr …..


  7. @Avishna: lol, to dialog la top…

    Mais something mo pas trop daccord about what u said for giving driving license to young people…
    Fodait pas généraliser car tous les accidents pas causé que par les jeunes…
    Ena lezotte dimounes ki bien irresponsable lo volant, bien ki zotte ena ‘plusieurs’ années d’experience lol

    Pas koner si tone remarker ou pas, Taxi drivers is a very good example of such drivers.
    Mo pas p dir tout, mais boukoup chauffeurs taxi roule brite et vite akoz zotte croire ki zotte ena trop experience lo la route.

    Merci fi!


  8. @carrot: Actually, I watch the series only because the SSC is a cool place and I await the finale (rumour has it that Prometheus has K2000 as AI and the Hoff (he’s hot) will guest star.


  9. Hmmmm 30 would be 30 mph. which would make it 50 km/hr. but who cares about speed. till u reach ur destination 😛 but for certain exceptions, exceeding 100km/hr is like straight shot of adrenaline to ur brain ( which is cool )… and for the record, we got porsche, ferrari roaming around… are we going too fast or mauritius moving too slow? 😛


  10. What’s cooler – the right to own a taser or increasing speed limits? I’d vote for the taser. I can tase animals (horses for e.g wlol) and people who annoy my friends and me (like yas’ neighbour.) And instead of allowing the wind blow through the windows of the car to get a brushing, I’d tase myself.

    My point is – the taser can seem to be very cool (and it is) but it can be deadly. Is the taser adoption rate too slow (well, it’s null) for Mauritius? – analogy.

    Until drivers can drive carefully and prevent killing their innocent law abiding road brethren, any increase in speed is wrong.

    Shahs last blog post : Blog On Hold…till Nov 2K8


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