Another UOM Part :)

Just got back from my last end of (academic year) party held at the University, from 16hrs to 22hrs.
In Brief, the last semester’s party was much more better, click here to read more

dont ask me y they put it as from 16hrs, no one knows this and i ask myself, when really students started to “chauffe la piste”, perhaps at about 18-19hrs!

Complete waste of time!

and lol, supposingly a “prom night

haha, cpv compter combien ine habille correctement 😛
anyway, i didnt want to wear formal clothes, after wearing such clothes for the whole 1 week of work !

anyway, lets stop criticizing a party which was supposed to be held, last friday, ayo, mone recommencer!
Almost every students were angry for the time allocated for the party!

so, i did not let go this last opportunity of enjoying wiz friends, and i did, really everything, to attend this party and the related-hmm things.

Below is a pic of the parking space, converted to temporary restaurant 😛

before the end of the party, i was completely chaos… currently in process of becoming normal 🙂

some mins after 10pm, we got on our way back home, in a friend’s car.

so, here am i,

  • safe and sound,
  • la tete imper lourda bit en desordre
  • a deep wound/scratch of 5cms on my arm because i carelessly hurt myself wiz the fencing there

  • and without doubt, a “gueule de bois” for tomorrow 😛

5 thoughts on “Another UOM Part :)

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  1. I had a really nice time with u guys. Wish all those who won’t be at UOM best of luck. Hope that well meet soon. 😦

    Damn concerning the time the party ended man! :angry: . Mo espere l’ane prochaine party la pas fini 8 hrs. :cwy: I felt like a kid when i said i’ll be at the party. :tongue:

    Anyways i enjoyed chatting with u friends.


  2. Well the time was decided by UoM administration for what I have been told, because of the numerous incidents that occurred during past end of yr parties by 11 – midnight. But the party did continue at enigma night club till 6am. I had a lot of fun with friends, both at UoM n Enigma … :devil:
    :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: Probably the last party at UoM for me …


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